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Who's Matt

Who's that Guy?  Now that's a question worth answering.  Matt is the owner and manager of Halsted Street Beach Tanning Salon.  His is the face that will greet you almost every day, along with his great and wonderful staff!  Matt and his partner Chris bought Halsted Street Beach Tanning Salon in February, 2004.  since then, Matt has put his heart and soul into this fabulous "RETREAT," adding new floors, redesigning the tanning facilities, introducing spray tanning in addition to Massage and Waxing, Red light therapy, and Facial services, and let us not forget that personal charm he innately possesses. With a warm hug, a little humor and a lot of professionalism, you will feel like a part of the family after your very first visit.

The Salon

Here are pics of Matt, his partner Chris, and his family.